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Your Body, Your Training, the Way You Want It

Do you believe that a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong and fit body.  Are you looking for an exercise program or training plan that fits your needs and your schedule?  Are you looking for someone to guide you through your individual program and support you along your journey?  Do you need someone to keep you accountable to your goals and living the best life you can?  My holistic and client-centered approach to fitness and health will have you feeling great and working towards your goals. Call me today and let’s start training together!

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Peter is a personable and caring individual who truly has a passion for fitness. He has been helping clients reach their fitness and running goals since 2018.  He enjoys supporting people along their fitness journeys and watching them not only meet and conquer their initial goals but also gain the confidence to aim a little higher in the future.

Peter's qualifications include:

  • a certified Personal Trainer Specialist and Healthy Eating Weight Loss Coach through Canfitpro. 

  • Active Aging certificate to meet the demands of active aging clients. 

  • Girls Gone Strong “GGS” Certificate #1 specializing his coaching practice to meet the goals of female clients. 

  • National Community Coaching Program in the sport of triathlon

  • Marathon Running Coach with North America Academy of Sport Fitness Professionals. 

Peter is a lifelong learner. By continuing to enhance his own knowledge, he is better able to service and to ensure he  provides the best possible advice and guidance to his clients. 


Peter’s person-focused approach and experience allows him to better relate to his clients.  His experience includes:

  • 15 years of running experience has made him a competitive age group runner

  • Qualifying for and running the Boston Marathon 

  • 7 marathons (won age group at the Waterloo Marathon at age 55), 

  • Completed 2 Ironman and 5 Half Ironman events

By competing in these events, he understands some of the challenges athletes face with their own strength training and training in general.  As an athlete and a coach, his philosophy to training is the same, believe in your training and listen to your body.  If you are consistent in your training and work hard, your goals will come.

If you would like to partner with Peter by taking advantage of his knowledge and expertise to help you attain your fitness or running goals, please reach out.

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  • Virtual or in person session (depending on location)

  • Customized personal training to meet your goals

  • Regular client assessments
  • Initial virtual movement assessment

  • Monthly personalized strength + mobility workouts created to meet your goals.

  • Workouts are based on available equipment and your current movement capacity.

  • Sessions booked based on functional ability (30 - 60 minutes in duration)

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  • Initial consultation to discuss goals, schedule and strength

  • Detailed workout posted on the Final Surge app and platform

  • Custom individual training program tailored to your schedule and goal race

  • Strength training program to match your program

  • Unlimited email contact

  • Monthly video chats to check in

  • Race prep strategy discussion prior to goal race

  • Required: A GPS watch, heart rate optional but preferred

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I value the confidence Peter in stills in me.  When I say I can't do something, he encourages me to try and builds confidence in myself.  He listens to me and makes adjustments in my strength training program if more recovery is needed.  My overall strength has improved and I hope it will continue to do so with Peter's guidance.

Kathleen - BC

I workout with Peter virtually three times a week and I absolutely love it.  Peter not only caters to my personal needs and challenges me appropriately, but also makes working out fun and motivates me to want to work out. I would recommend him to anybody regardless of their fitness level.  Personally, I find that in only a few months, I have toned, my heart rate went down, i have more energy, my anxiety has improved and I have more confidence.  Peter has become a friend because he genuinely cares about my health and supports me even on my bad days by being my fitness champion.  A big thanks to Peter for believing in me and for pushing me.  I'm looking forward to my next session with him.

Nova Scotia Client

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80/20 TEAM

I am an Ambassador for Team 80/20.  80/20 is a training philosophy I believe in.  80% of your time at low intensity and 20% at a higher intensity. 

Looking to take your training to the next level, give me a call.



I am an Ambassador for endūr Apparel. I love socks and these are the best.  endūr ambassadors share and echo our brand values while continually challenging their limits and inspiring others to do the same.  YOU GOT THIS.

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